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A Fully Designed Executive Style Home

June 6, 2023
Guest Bedroom

Distinguished living expresses a sense of refinement and excellence in all aspects of your life, including your home.

Our client for this project had begun his new home design, but needed professional help to create a cohesive style that was functional, well-appointed, and aligned with his personality. 

Master Suite_Sleeping Area 1

The home had 3 unfinished bedrooms and our client wanted to design each one for a specific purpose: one with a distinct feminine ambiance for relaxation, a second with function for visiting colleagues and friends, and another unique to his young nephews who visit often. And, the master suite was in dire need of being fully fleshed out with it's design. We transformed the master suite from just a place to drop the suitcases and then drop-dead from exhaustive business travels, to a relaxing escape and rejuvenating oasis for the homeowner.

Master Suite_Sitting Area
Mstr Suite_Furn
King Guest Room

We continued the project by transforming the dining room into a relaxing, functional space for entertaining guests.

DR Completion

Finally, we completed the design of the living room to embody a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for connection and relaxation.

Although each room was designed for a specific purpose, we successfully designed a distinguished and cohesive experience throughout the home that reflects our client’s overall aesthetic and vibe.

LR Completion

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