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A Harmonious Renovation & Redesign

May 1, 2023
Complete demo and re-do of kitchen in Executive Home.

Home is a metaphor for life – every detail matters. When a design comes together seamlessly it offers a true sense of place and purpose.

Our clients for this project were ready to make a significant renovation to their kitchen and primary bathroom, along with updating the décor throughout the rest of the home. They hired a contractor to remodel these areas to improve the flow of the home, but they needed help selecting finishes, lighting, colors, and décor elements to create a bright, cohesive design that also brought that “wow” factor. 

We worked closely with them to develop a new color scheme for the overall space, which resulted in a custom blend of colors for a brighter, more vibrant ambiance.

Complete update of master bedroom in Executive Home.

In the primary bedroom, we curated a contrasting color scheme in the artwork, linens, and curtains and more to create a harmonious, relaxing ambiance for enjoying their private retreat at the end of a long day.

Updated powder room in Executive Home.

We also revitalized their off-kitchen powder room with eye-catching wallpaper, an intriguing golden mirror, and new fixtures to create a truly unique atmosphere.

Our clients were thrilled by their cohesive new home design. This successful project was also selected for an ad feature in the regional distribution of Architectural Digest.

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